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January 30, 2009


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Arroz con pollo.....yum....a great one pot meal for a cold winter day. I am making some this week to help ward off the winter windchills. oh, and i add a splash of beer or white wine to my arroz con pollo if i have it. for me, it's not Dumbo....it's Cars. i can't tell you how many times i have watched that DVD. the things you do for the little ones you love!

If you have a good Indian grocer nearby get some saffron. You can steep it in hot water like tea, then pour it over your rice toward the end of the cooking to add an amazing complexity.
You're better off getting it at an Indian grocer simply because they'll rob you blind for saffron most anywhere else!

I plan to try this recipe soon, but I'm a little confused about the chicken.Do you put the chicken back in the pan? When?

Good catch, Sallie!
Add the chicken and any juices at step 7. I'll edit that in.

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